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[Eucalyptus Beginner’s Guide – UEC edition] Chapter 3 – Web Interface

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Chapter 2
Installation & Configuration
Chapter 4
Image Management

Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud provides a minimal web interface to manage user credentials, manage images, administer user accounts, etc.

In our sample setup, the web interface is accessible at:

You have already finished setting up the password for the admin user of the web interface while working on Desktop1 in the chapter on “Installation & Configuration”.

A user trying to access the interface for the first time, would need to sign up and would be able to use the interface after the account is approved by the administrator. The approval of the account by the administrator results in an emal to the user.

Using the Web Interface

After logging into the web interface, you will see seven tabs as given below.:

  1. Credentials
  2. Images
  3. Store
  4. Users
  5. Configuration
  6. Services
  7. Extras

UEC Web UICredentials

You can change your account password, download the credentials (to be used while bringing up instances etc.) and view the query interface credentials( to be used with tools like euca2ools to query CC for information like getting the list of images, instances etc.) here. Later chapters have more detailed discussion about use of these credentials.


You can see here a list of images that have been uploaded to the CLC. Each entry contains information about the image such as its id, meta information like the ids of associated kernel and ramdisk images etc. This information comes in handy when you try to bring up instances using these images. This is mostly a read-only listing, except that you can disable/enable each of the images.


The store tab lists new images available on the UEC image store of Canonical. These are provided by Canonical and third party providers such as M/Gateway. You can install any of these images. Installation here refers to the task of downloading and making it available for use on the local installation of UEC. After installation, the image should now show up under the Images tab along with its Kernel and Ramdisk images.

UEC Store Appliance


As an administrator, you can create as well as view and manage user accounts here including enabling/disabling accounts and changing the passwords.


You can view and manage information related to various components of your UEC setup, such as CLC, CC, Walrus etc. You can also specify the resource limits for different VM types such as m1.small, c1.medium etc. More on this the chapter on “Instance Management”


A few pieces of commercial information about services from Canonical and their partners for UEC.


You can find a list of Eucalyptus-certified Images and Eucalyptus-compatible Tools here.

Eucalyptus Compatible ToolsEucalyptus certified images

Chapter 2
Installation & Configuration
Chapter 4
Image Management

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  1. Hello sir,i have installed the uec cloud but i am getting an error when i navigate to store link Error 60: server certificate verification failed. CAfile: /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt CRLfile: none


    July 3, 2012 at 2:53 am

  2. i can’t access store tab, while searching images gives a certificate error
    also in extra tab not finding certified images and tools

    Hitesh Patel

    December 6, 2012 at 7:37 pm

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