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Multi Node OpenStack setup

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The OpenStack setup can have services separately on different machines in order to optimize performance. Here is a procedure for installing a four machine setup. The setup has all the machines running Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin. The version of OpenStack is Essex. This procedure is based on OpenStack Beginner’s Guide

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Installation of the components

Install all the components of the controller

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OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon) Screencast

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The following link is a screencast of OpenStack Dasboard (codenamed Horizon) on Ubuntu 12.04.

The video gives you a simple walk-through of the features available on OpenStack Dashboard like:

• Instance Management – Create or terminate instance, view console logs and connect through VNC, attaching volumes, etc.
• Access and Security Management – Create security groups, manage keypairs, assign floating IPs, etc.
• Flavor Management – Manage different flavors or instance virtual hardware templates.
• Image Management – Edit or delete images.
• Manage users, quotas and usage for projects.
• User Management – Create user, etc.
• Volume Management – Creating Volumes and snapshots.
• Object Store Manipulation – Create, delete containers and objects.

We are working on getting the new version of “OpenStack Beginner’s Guide – Essex version on Ubuntu 12.04”. The pdf should be out in a week’s time. So stay tuned…!!!!

Written by kiranmurari

April 27, 2012 at 7:44 pm