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FreeNX – High Performance Remote Display for Linux Systems

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I  occasionally work from home. My work involves accessing the GUI of  some of the Linux Desktop systems remotely for support. I used VNC or RDP many times, with rather painfully slow refreshes of the screen.

This was until I stumbled upon FreeNX , which is a GPL implementation of the high performance remote display technology that works over SSH and provides a very responsive display even on slow WAN links. It is Based on NX technology from http://www.nomachine.com/.

FreeNX server is available for Linux and clients for Linux and Windows. Here is how I installed and configured FreeNX.

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Written by Johnson D

May 4, 2010 at 7:15 pm

UEC/Eucalyptus – Debugging instances

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I have had an issue with my MS-Windows 2003 server instance raised on one of the Node Controllers (NC) on my UEC setup on Lucid Lynx( Ubuntu 10.04 ). The instance came up moving from pending state to running state as expected and my hybrid fox showed public and private IPs. However, I was not able to ping or RDP into the instance. The Windows image was custom bundled and tried and tested on my Karmic UEC setup, so I was quite puzzled as to why I was unable to connect to the instance. I wished I had the luxury of connecting to the instance for troubleshooting using VNC, like I normally do when I start a VM on KVM or Xen. A little bit of probing of the Eucalyptus files on NC proved useful. Here is the hack that helped me attach a VNC display to the instance and ultimately I could identify and fix the actual problem.

It is not safe to leave this option enabled on a production setup.

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